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Artist Interview: Betty Lovegren of Betty Lovegren Entertainment

Betty Lovegren is a local San Diego artist whom I have long admired for her skill, energy and generous spirit.  What a delight to have the chance to talk with her about her art and inspiration!

Betty Lovegren

Have you always been artistic…other forms before Henna?

Betty: I just located my report cards from grade school in Toronto and art was my best subject…all A’s…Other forms of art prior to Henna have been pottery, design classes @ Mesa (College), life drawing, charcoals, oil painting, cooking, gardening (I love this one)

When did you discover Henna?

Betty: I discovered Henna about 16 years ago. Even tho’ I had spent time in Morocco when I was 20ish, I don’t recall seeing Henna on people nor seeing Henna artists (I guess cause I wasn’t looking for it) I would love to return there (to Morocco) with my new eyes

What makes Henna so appealing & enduring?

Betty: I do face/body painting, glitter tattoos & tarot readings & I have been very involved in pottery doing hand building & throwing.

But when I discovered Henna, I was in love.  When I am doing Henna I feel a sense of peach. It becomes a very intimate situation with myself & the recipient.  I speak softly, gently, not much & I realize the conversation is different than with any other body décor.

Please share a bit about your creative process and how you nuture that.

Betty: My creative process is nurtured by first of all my attire, I feel more alive & joyous(all is well) when I am in colors, layers & unusual attire.

I am currently creating a garden of peace, love & happiness.  I love delicious food that looks very appealing & interesting & colorful.

This all is what guides me to be more creative & fun in my art.

Tell us a bit about your business and its goals

Betty: I have always been self employed doing an art of some form.  I am from Toronto & had a very successful singing telegram company for 15 years before relocating here in ’95. it took moving to San Diego to guide me toward the beautiful art of Henna.  I am self taught & make my own Henna.

And I am very, very fortunate to be the resident Henna/glitter tattoo/facepainter @ Seaport Village beside the Carousel.

My goal is to bring beauty & peacefulness to the people who hire me & my gals for their special events.  Being of service & making the experience of Henna beautiful, long lasting & memorable.

hennaed feet by Betty Lovegren

Hennaed feet by Betty Lovegren

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