Getting ready for LYA 2016

It’s that time of year again!  Time for the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap as organized by the amazing and wonderful Kat Sloma of Katseyestudio. This is my *5th* year of participating!  Wow!  Hard to believe!

This year I am still dreaming of Hawaii… although we have no plans to visit in 2016, we did visit twice last year.  And I had some lovely experiences with the ukulele… which has become a happy hobby.

There is a little mneumonic ditty that my teacher taught me to help remember the tuning of the ukulele.


It makes no sense.  The notes do not correspond to the words.  Every Good Boy Does Fine makes sense in that Every stands for E and Good stands for G, etc.  But My is a “G” and dog is an “E”… ridiculous!  And yet…. I can sing My Dog Has Fleas and I am in tune and can tune my ukulele with good relative pitch using this “song”.

So, this phrase is dancing in my head. AND I started taking an online course with Miriam Schulman called Painting with Words. And I decided to play around with this phrase.

from my class art journal

from my class art journal

And today I finished the mixed media piece, My Dog Has Fleas.


I painted the flowers and the dog separately, then cut them out.  The music was scanned and glued on.  Even though I sprayed everything with acrylic, the matte medium that I used to glue things on with smeared things a bit. I retouched the flowers and tried to sharpen the music notes and I had to add in the jumping fleas to cover smudge marks. The font is based on a free font I found on the internet called Tiki Tropic.

I uploaded the image to Moo and should have my finished cards back in a few weeks!  So excited!

If you want one, I ordered 40 — way more than I will need for the swap, so let me know and I’ll put one in the mail for you!



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  1. Fun Natasha 🙂 I can hear the ukulele now….I still have your hamsa up on my inspiration board. I’d love to swap again. You can see my postcards here. and a better look at the whole paintings here in the favorites collage. If you have a favorite let me know.

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