Liberate Your Art 2015

It’s that time of year again.  Time to liberate some art into the world! Kat Sloma has organized the Liberate Your Art event for 5 years.  This is my fourth year of participating.

Artists can share anything that can be printed on a postcard… paintings, photographs, photographs of sculpture, scans of silk painting…. the postcards can be printed at home or professionally.  5 postcards are sent to Kat, who then sorts and labels and sends them out.  Each participant gets 5 cards, plus one of Kat’s. Part of the fun is sharing the cards we have received by taking photos of them in our spaces.  I love seeing where my cards end up!

For the past 3 years, I have done collages that were heavy on henna-like embellishment.  This year I decided to try something different.

I inherited my mother’s cat this year, and she is very photogenic.

CaliCatI thought about using a straight photo, but wasn’t happy with the results.  And XnView, the program I use for editing is not strong with effects.

Then I took an art class with Suzanne Visor and was inspired by the constraining frame. I had originally thought to use the right side.

A close up

A close up

Not quite right.

So I tried the left eye.

The left eye

The left eye

More interesting.

And then I tried painting it… which is way out of the box for me!  I am a henna artist.  I work with lines, not brush strokes.  But after several hours of painting and leaving and thinking and more painting and more thinking and more painting, I ended up with something I liked. It doesn’t look exactly like the picture, but close enough!

The final painting.

The final painting.

I uploaded the image to Moo and am waiting for my postcards to return.  Once they arrive, I will send 5 of them to Kat, and then wait for the fun to begin!

I’ll have extras, so if you want one, just let me know and I’ll send you one!

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4 Responses to Liberate Your Art 2015

  1. Jo Murray says:

    I am the delighted recipient of one of your gorgeous cat cards via LYA. You did a great job of the painting. Thank you.

  2. MaryJo Fisher says:

    Hello! I was delighted to receive one of your postcards! So funny–I couldn’t quite “get it”–could see the eye, but couldn’t figure out perspective–til I hung it on the fridge and stepped back, and it swam into focus! Beautiful work (beautiful cat!), and good for you for nudging yourself outside your comfort zone. This was my 1st year, and it took me up to the final week to send my offerings out into the world. I blame my jitters for neglecting to put email address on them, so I can’t see where any of them have landed. I will trust that just receiving some colorful mail might make someone happy, and “let it go” (to coin a phrase!) I wish you a happy, creative year, and thanks again!

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