Making henna

Henna Cone with homemade paste

Henna Cone with homemade paste

Making henna paste is pretty simple — and is the best way to make sure you know what is IN your paste.  For this cone, I used 1 tbsp of finely sifted henna power.  I made my sugar sealant with 1/4 cup water, 2 packets of TruLime powder and 4 packets of granulated sugar.  (I used the TruLime because I am traveling and packets are easier to pack than bottles on lime juice.)  Then I added 1 tsp of sugar sealant to my henna powder and let it sit for an hour.  After that, I added 1 tsp of pure lavender essential oil and a bit more sugar sealant to make a nice, smooth paste.  I let that rest for 4 hours before putting it into my cone.  To apply, I just draw with the cone, then let it dry. One or two light dabs of sealant are all that is needed to keep the paste firmly plastered to the skin.


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