It has been a looong time since I posted anything over here.  Life has been very busy. Lots of gigs, then the holidays, then… we moved to Honolulu for Hubby’s sabbatical.  We will be here until May 1.

It was very hectic getting here — finding a place to live that 1) was walking distance from UH-Manoa’s campus, 2) within our small budget (we are still paying the mortgage and bills for our home in San Diego — our housesitter has a very cushy deal for the next few months…) and 3) preferably bigger than 300 sq feet.  We finally found a great place just after Christmas and things fell into place a few weeks later — and then we got on the airplane on February 3!  What a whirlwind adventure!

Now that we are here, Hubby will focus on work with his Hawaiian colleagues and hopefully find some new planets.  I plan to read, relax, learn about Hawaiian designs, and walk the Hapalua Half Marathon in April.  And enjoy the amazing scenery.  Oahu is lush and green!  And hot and rainy… and as the new blood in town, fodder for all the local mosquitos… but it is gorgeous here and despite the bugs, I really love this place.

The tree on the corner of our street in Manoa Valley.

The tree on the corner of our street in Manoa Valley.

Our neighbor's pikake bush -- it smells like heaven!

Our neighbor’s pikake bush — it smells like heaven!


Byodin Temple

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay


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