Pi Day

It’s March 14, or 3-14 or 3.14.  Pi-symbol.svg

Pi is a very useful constant.

And Pie is a very tasty constant.

So, on Pi Day, I make a pie.  I’ve been making pies on Pi Day for several years and it has become a family geeky tradition.

This year, I made a peach and apple pie with a full crust.


As you can see, I tried to write 2πr onto the crust with limited success.  However, Hubby got the joke, so that was all that really mattered.

I tried out some white bean flour that I’d seen on Pinterest.  It has more protein and fiber than regular flour and is a healthier thickener than plain white flour.

Peach Apple PiMakes 1 12″ pie, 203cal per 8th of pie

1 bag (2 cups) frozen peaches, defrosted
5 large apples (I used Fuji, but any tart apple will do), cored and sliced — leave skins on for extra flavor and fiber
1/2 cup sugar, give or take.
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp cinnamon
2-3 tbsp white bean flour to thicken fruit juices
1 box ready-made crust (2 crusts)

Defrost peaches in bowl.  Core and slice apples and put in bowl.  Cook until apples are soft (about 5 minutes in microwave — you can cook on stovetop, too). Let cool and add sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and bean flour.  The bean flour will thicken the juices into a nice sauce.

Roll out crust and place in 12″ piepan.  Spoon filling onto crust.  Top with the other crust in either a full or lattice.

Bake at 300F for about 20 min or until crust is brown and filling is bubbly.  My oven runs a bit hot, so it may take longer in a better calibrated oven.


Do you celebrate Pi Day?

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