Happy Lunar New Year of the Snake!

Wishing everyone a very happy Chinese New Year’s!

Usually we celebrate Chinese New Year’s at home with a big feast (partially made by Trader Joe’s)… chaomein (fried noodles for a long life), jiaozi (dumplings that resemble fat moneypurses to bring wealth), and finishing the meal with tangerines, another symbol of wealth and good fortune.

However, this year, we are in snowy Aspen, Colorado for one of Bill’s conferences… and I kind of doubt the conference dinner will have a Chinese theme. Oh well.

Fortunately, the holiday lasts for 15 days — which gives me plenty of time to feast once we return home. AND catch up on all the holiday greetings that I put off from X-Mas season until this time of year.

According to tradition, the year of the snake will bring changes… and just as a snake sheds its skin, so we can shed bad habits to allow new, more healthy habits to grow.

Xin Nian Kuai le! Happy New Year!

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