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It’s January. It’s cold… and the henna biz has slowed down to a crawl.  It’s the time of year where I find myself overwhelmed with shoulds (should stop eating candy, should lose 20 lbs, should exercise daily, should clean the house, should…) and momentarily forget to nurture my creativity. It’s this time of year when I’m in danger of burnout…. I never burn out when I’m working like a maniac; doing henna and art is kindling for creative fires.  I burn out when the fire stops burning, when I lose my sense of sight and I begin to wonder who cares.

Fortunately, I found an inexpensive jump-start class from Kat Sloma and her Kat Eye Studio called: Fuel Your Creativity. For seven intense days I get assignments in my inbox.  When I’m done with my homework, I check in with the Flickr classroom to share my work and see what other folks have done. After 2 days, I’m already feeling more alive.

Here is my favorite image from today’s assignment: Walk by Number.  We were challenged to go for a walk (anywhere, indoors, outdoors, wherever) and every 50 steps or once a minute or some other fixed interval, to just take a photo of where we were. The idea was to open our eyes to see things we might not ordinarily notice. I walked around my neighborhood — and ended up having an interesting conversation with a neighbor who wanted to know what I was taking pictures of and why… my favorite image is actually of a plant that is right outside my front door.  I walk past it a zillion times, and because of today’s assignment I looked at it, AND it’s budding! What a reminder to me to be aware! I almost missed the wonder and beauty because of my busy-ness.

budding Euphorbia

A Euphorbia in bud, ready to burst into bloom in a few days… and noticed today!


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