A stroll around the neighborhood

Today as I did my usual morning walk, I noticed all the amazing flowers that have (pun intended) blossomed since the rains of last Thursday (I think we may have gotten close to a half inch)… so when I got home, I grabbed my camera and did the loop again!

Rose and sky

My neighbor’s roses are stunning in early morning light.

My neighbor's cactus

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s cactus…

plants on windowsill

Such a lovely burst of color

Cactus at the corner of Ramon and San Altos

Another neighbor’s cactus was bee-central in the morning.


I love passing this pop of color each morning!

butterfly on marigold

THe butterflies sure do like our Mexican Marigolds which took a siesta during the summer, but is flourishing now.


Even our hens and chickens euphorbia looks magical first thing in the morning!


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