A case of brush crush

I saw this brush in Target… it was $3, it was dense and intensely soft.  And did I mention, it was $3.  It will be the perfect thing for brushing off the excess glitter from glitter tattoos…. or maybe it won’t make it into the work bag, but live with my mineral make-up as the perfect powder buffer….

baby kabuki brush from Target

This baby is small and super soft and found at Target!

Well, apparently, my cat, Sahara, also noticed this adorable little gem…

It went missing this morning.  I was sure I had put it into my glitter tattoo supply bag, but when I got to my gig, it was nowhere to be found.  And once I got home, it wasn’t in any of the usual brush hiding spots…

And then,

I had my answer…FOUND!

Cat, Sahara, with kabuki brush

Sahara wants a makeover!

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