Pause for claws

I’m usually a nekkid nail kind of girl.  I work with my hands.  I wash dishes. I paint kids.  My hands and nails get a lot of abuse, and as a result I usually don’t bother painting my nails because they’re just going to chip in 2 seconds anyways.

However. That was before I got invited to work a corporate party. After a long day of facepainting.  I don’t know about you, but once I get some of that Wolfe black under my nails, it stays there…for days!  I had to look nice for this party.  I was desperate.  I went to RiteAid to look for a solution.  And there it was:

Sally Hanson Nail EffectsYep. Sally Hanson Nail polish strips.  You do some minor cleaning and buffing of your nails, then remove the plastic and paper sides of the strips, apply to nails, trim with a cuticle stick and voila! No mess, no smell, just a beautiful manicure!  And no drying time!  I was able to dress up my fingers in between clients at Seaport Village — and have a lovely manicure in time for the event that evening.  I got lots of comments on my pretty nails.

Princess Java is not sure she approves of nailpolish

The Princess inspects

And even Princess Java approved of the new look.

Alas, the new nailpolish did not stand the test of time and after 3 days of my usual wear and tear life, bits started to chip off. But for ease of application, this wins 5 stars and I’ll definitely try them again!


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  1. Iwan says:

    I too love a good manicure. The no-fail way to make it last lonegr is toapply it with top coat every day or at least every other day. You’ll besurprised how much lonegr your mani lasts.Sincerely,Mich (Fashionista from Chicago).

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