Natasha’s 12 Commandments for Happiness

As part of my personal Happiness Project, I decided to come up with my version of Gretchen Rubin’s Personal Commandments.

Natasha’s Personal Commandments

  1. Be myself
  2. See things as they are not as I want them to be
  3. Let go of expectations
  4. Act the way I want to feel — fake it till I make it.
  5. Enjoy the process
  6. Identify the real problem
  7. Do what needs doing
  8. Play fair and show compassion
  9. Laugh often; have fun!
  10. Create something every day, however small
  11. Appreciate all I have right now
  12. Don’t debt materially or spiritually

They may seem obvious, but they are all things that have gotten me into unhappy situations at one time or another.

When I’m doing henna I’m definitely following all 12, but other aspects of my life require more diligence.  It’s not always easy to enjoy the process in my day job, or to do what needs doing now when what needs doing is a sinkful of dirty dishes… but I can start now, and if I fake that I enjoy doing dishes, then by the end of the chore, I’m actually having fun!  It’s pretty amazing…. now if I could only make myself feel that way about cleaning the litter boxes, I’d achieve Nirvana right now!

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