The Solution for Good Sleep

Early in this quest for happiness, I identified a lack of sleep as a source of decreased energy and increased annoyance.  When I’m tired, little things get to me and I’m less happy and more snappy, making everyone around me less happy, too.

Despite consistently getting to be earlier and having a very dark room to sleep in, I found myself not sleeping well and waking up tired in the morning.

The solution came when my husband and I were in the drugstore picking up some allergy medicine since along with spring pollen comes spring itchy eyes.  On a whim, I picked up a box of Breathe Right snoring strip, and my husband mentioned that I’d been snoring rather loudly lately.  Usually, I’d have been defensive and brought up his snoring problem, but I decided that perhaps I do snore, and maybe these little strips could help.  They were on sale and they certainly couldn’t hurt.

breathe right strips

These simple little strips work miracles

That night I slept right through without waking once, and in the morning had enough energy to get up and make a special breakfast! The next night also went tranquilly…. and I was convinced.  These little strips really work!  The advanced were a little too strong for my skin, but the regular clear ones for sensitive skin work great and are gentle to remove.

So now, after a month of good sleep, I am feeling much more energetic, more creative and much happier. I never knew I had a problem before, but I’m glad I was open to the idea and the solution!

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