The quest for a good night’s sleep

When planning for a good night’s sleep, I decided to make sure our bedroom was as dark as possible since experts say that even small amounts of light can interrupt sleep.  I added an orange bedside lamp that would give us enough light to read by, but not interrupt sleeping patterns.  And I bought eclipse curtains.

eclipse curtain

Energy efficient eclipse braxton curtain from Target

It was amazing how those small changes made the room much darker and conducive to sleeping, although when I woke up at 4:00am this morning, I realized that although the curtains block light from the front and sides, I will have to add some fabric to the top.  I was stunned by how bright the room was from just light pouring in through the gap at the top between the curtain rod and the window!

Getting to sleep earlier as part of my plan to get more sleep did not happen last night.  I found myself sucked into the evening news on the couch, and then my second wind kicked in and I felt wide awake at 11:00pm, and wasn’t able to get myself into bed before 11:30pm.

Still, the progressive relaxation technique where you tell each muscle of the body that it feels warm, comfortable and relaxed, working your way up from your toes to your scalp, did the trick.  I was asleep before I even made it my arms.

I woke up at 6:45am after solid sleep until 4:00am, and then a few hours of fitful sleep — and dragged myself into the living where I made myself do a Leslie Sansone dvd workout.  I love that I don’t need to think in order to get a good cardio boost.  I just follow Leslie’s cheerful directions and after a half hour, I’m sweating and feeling better.  And getting my workout done before breakfast makes me feel virtuous, too!  Gold star for me!

I’m feeling fairly alert right now and plan to avoid napping so I can be really exhausted this evening.  My mood is certainly better than it was 2 days ago, and I’m chalking that up to exercise.

There’s more work to be done to make better sleep and consistent exercise a reality, but I feel I’m on the right track.

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