Thanks giving time. And although I try to practice thankfulness each day, I know I’m not as disciplined as I perhaps should be and appreciate having a whole holiday devoted to gratitude.

It’s easy to get sidetracked by wanting, wanting new things, new job, new car, better house, more money…. it can snowball into discontent and sour your vision.

But what I have right now is wonderful.

Yes, but it could be better.

It can always be better, bigger, more….


What I have right now is wonderful.  My life is really good.  I have everything I need, and most of what I want. And I am grateful.

When I take the time to notice what I have instead of focusing on the wants, then I realize I how good things are.  Michael Hyatt carries a gratitude stone to remind him to focus on the half-full glass.  Carolyn Rubenstein keeps a gratitude journal. Simon Perkins uses a wheel approach to make sure he doesn’t miss any areas in his life he is grateful for.

I also like the idea of a string of gratitude beads — as you touch each bead, you remember something that fills your life with joy. A simple bracelet can become a powerful meditation tool on gratitude.

Here is today’s gratitude list:
1.That my husband is my best friend and life partner

2. That I am in excellent health and have health insurance

3. That I live in a very nice part of the world in a sweet little house with comfortable furniture.

4. That I have wonderful friends and family

5. That I have work I enjoy, a nice boss and a workspace that is not a cubicle

6. That I have ample food and am looking forward to making an amazing Thanksgiving FEAST

What are you grateful for? What fills your cup? And how do you practice gratitude?

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