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Bryce Canyon Navajo Trail5

Along the Navajo Trail in Bryce Canyon, September 2011

This was a chance photo — as all of mine are.  We were hiking the Navajo Trail in Bryce Canyon at mid-day, and as we turned around a bend, I saw it.  A life-sized pengjing (chinese) or bonsai (japanese).  A tree growing from a seemingly impossible rock.


I could have spent hours examining this rock and tree from various angles — and that would have been a fun meditation in LOOKING.  Sometimes it’s good to try and see something from every possibility, to turn it upside down and inside out to find the essence.

But sometimes I just see things and since I want to keep up with my hiking partner, I just let the camera do the examining.  One quick focus and shift of the polarizing filter and


The moment is captured and I continue walking, enjoying the place and the company.  The focus is on the hike not the photo.


Later, I take the image, crop and enhance it.  But in that moment, I just snapped and kept going.

Do I do the same in my daily life?  Do I focus on moments of joy and savor them, then move on to experience the rest of the day?

This photo is a reminder that life is a series of snapshots.  Notice the moment.

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