Color me happy: Chocolate Brown

I was reading a post by Carolyn Rubenstein on her blog, A Beautiful Ripple Effect where she evaluated the most common color in her wardrobe and considered changes.  Her go-to wardrobe color is black, which seems to be a common choice for many people.

Her post made me think about my own wardrobe and color trends.  And I discovered that my color preferences are seasonal/weather related.

In the warmer seasons I wear a lot khaki with greens, teals and peaches.

In the cooler seasons I fall back on brown.  Rich, wonderful, chocolate browns.  Brown makes me feel warm and comfortable. I still have the greens and teals, and during winter/spring (our cool and rainy season), I accent more with lavender as well. But brown is my go-to basic.


Brown never looked so good!

It’s an interesting observation.  A few years ago I made a concerted effort to add more color to my closet since everything was green.  And I had a real yellow phobia. I still don’t have a lot of yellow items, but have decided that peach is a reasonable compromise, since I really don’t look good in most yellows.  And I’m not comfortable in head to toe black.  Perhaps that is something I should work on.

Are there any colors that make you happy?  And colors make you nervous?  Any colors you avoid wearing?  Why?

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