Running on empty

It was a rough night for sleeping last night.  Lots of tossing and turning, coughing and snoring.

Today I am exhausted and running on green tea.

And yet, there are things to do.  How do I stare at a blank page and come up with something? How do I manage to get the thought process moving at all?

When my mind is empty, I look to an idea file for inspiration.  I have a folder on my computer filled with lists, photos, lists of links, articles and e-books.  I also have a physical folder filled with magazine clippings, old photos, and things scribbled on scraps of paper. Sometimes I look at all the clippings and links and topic lists and nothing resonates.

That’s when I just choose something.  Anything.  Sometimes I just put my finger down and that’s how I decide.  Once the decision is made, I sit down. And then, word by word, stroke by stroke, I start working.

The flow doesn’t always start gushing, but word by word, stroke by stroke, something happens…. and usually by the middle I start to hit my stride… or not.

But even when I’m running on empty, there’s always at least something I can eke out when given a focus.

And that’s usually what’s empty — my sense of focus.

Idea file to the rescue! file folder



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