Betta Bowl

Ukiyo-e, a floating desktop world

Living only for the present moment, the full appreciation of the beauty of transient nature — cherry blossoms in the spring, the turning of the maple leaves in the autumn or the crystalline brilliance of winter snow — was a way to cope with the day-to-day misery of an uncertain life.  One was to be like a leaf or gourd carried along by the current in this “floating world.”

A betta fish in a glass vase of gladiolas made me think of the concept of ukiyo, the floating world.  Inside and outside are distorted and the beautiful fish is like a geisha dancing with tiny delicate movements.

In an instant I am no longer sitting at my dusty desk in my day job, I am dancing with shimmering color and reflection.

And then the phone rings… and I am once again, back in my world… but the transcendent feeling lingers… the memory floats… and so do I…


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