Workspace matters

Now that my office is decluttered, I can start to focus on what I can do to maximize creativity  in this space. This is not a frivolous project. Studies have shown that how a space is designed and decorated can improve concentration and productivity.

There are a few questions to ask when organizing your space:

  1. Where will I actually be doing my work?Most places have a corner or nook where you can set up your work space.  I am lucky to have a side of a room with a window and enough space for 2 tables.If you live in a busy space, you might consider blocking off your space with a bookcase or folding screen to make the transition from living space to work space more formal.

    In addition, make sure you have enough light. Especially if you are working in a portion of a room and the main light is from overhead, it makes sense to invest in extra lamps or clip-on lights so you can see your work.

  2. Where will my supplies live? I try to keep my art supplies as close to my work space as possible for the obvious reason that it’s more convenient to do so. If I have to keep walking to another part of the room or house every time I need a new material, I won’t get much done and I will lose interest. So, my new space includes plenty of shelf space for paints, pencils, markers, glitter, wood bits, glue, tape, and other useful stuff.
  3. How will I know what to do and what I’ve accomplished? I need focus and a planner gives me that focus. Right now I use a Franklin Covey paper planner, but am thinking about downsizing to a slimmer version for the new year. I like having a monthly overview to see what I’ve accomplished, and a weekly view for my to-do lists. Some of my to-dos are on sticky-notes so I can move them around if their originally scheduled day gets too busy.Michelle Nickolaisen of Let’s Radiate shared the great idea of an easy to make dry-erase board with daily goals under a glass frame to help keep her focused.
  4. What other stuff will help me? I have a painting of fish which I find soothing,  an electric candle, a plant, and a few personal knick-knacks that make me happy.I also have a radio/cd player for auditory ambience; music has been proven to help people concentrate and get into the “zone”. Depending on my mood and what I’m working on, I listen to classical to world fusion to ambient trance.

cat on desk

Sometimes a clean workspace is a cat's best napping spot...

Any thoughts or plans for improving your workspace?

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