Nov 11 Blog Challenge

Eli Shares has thrown down the gauntlet, a blog challenge for the remainder of November.

I admit that as the summer grew busier and life got more and more hectic, I stopped blogging… and then, even though things have calmed down, I got out of the habit of blogging.  But lately, I’ve missed the musings, and when I read Elisha’s challenge, I became inspired to get back in the game.

NOV11BC: write a blog post every day for the next 19 days. I take up this challenge!

Today’s subject: What is it all about?

Why blog?  And what am I looking for?

I blog as a public exploration of topics that interest me, and maybe have relevance to you.  These are raw ideas and thoughts, unfettered by careful crafting and polishing.  These are observations about things I encounter throughout my day or as a henna artist.  These are things I get excited about or am moved by.  These are photos, recipes, discussions, and random diatribes.

I seek clarity in my musings.  I hope to glean  harmony and balance, to make sense of unconnected happenings, thoughts, and ideas, and to share that process with you.  Please feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and comments with me.  I’d love to get to know you.

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