5 creative things to do today – even if you think you aren’t creative

Here are a few ways to get creative:

1. Wear something different.  If you always wear black, wear a color.  If you always wear pastels, pick a bright color.  If you never wear black, try black today.  Just the act of doing something visually different is a creative act.

2. Change  your font.  If you always type in Arial or Times New Roman, try something different like  or . Check out 1001 Fonts to download freebies.  The worlds looks totally different through a different font.  And you don’t have to keep it.  You can always highlight and switch back to your standard font after you’ve had your fun. Thanks to Rousing Your Muse for this idea.

3. Doodle. Just let your pen or pencil walk across the paper and see what happens.  Some people make grids and geometric patterns.  Some people make swirls and dots.  Some people draw stick figures and other sketch landscapes.  Doodling opens a part of your brain that is usually shut.  And once open, you never know what amazing things will come out!

4. Take a picture of something.  Get your camera and take a picture of something you can’t imagine pictures of like your fridge.  Or go outside and take a picture of a plant.  Get really close or  see how far away you can go with the object still in your frame. Try different angles and think of all the ways that you can capture the essence of that thing you are photographing.  Even if you hate all the pictures that you take, the act of taking them opens up your brain.


Get really close

5. Make a nice presentation of something.  If you are giving a gift, think about the package and presentation; choose a fun color or a thoughtful card or use something unusual instead of a bow.  Arrange your food artfully on the plate; think about color and contrast and texture and let your food be beautiful.  Print that report on nice paper and pay attention to the font and color and placement of the text.  Wash those dishes with flourish and stack them with purpose in the rack. Being mindful about the things you produce (however mundane) is creative.

You are probably more creative than you think you are.  And if you already embrace your creativity, these simple ideas can help you keep the momentum going.

This post was spurred by the 31 Days to Blog Better challenge by the ladies at SITS. Each day there is a new task and by mid-July, you should see great improvement in this blog!  Let me know what you think along the journey.

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4 Responses to 5 creative things to do today – even if you think you aren’t creative

  1. julie says:

    Loved your post – especially the idea about changing your font. Sometimes when I write I’m not in the mood. I’ve found that dancing to some upbeat music helps. I think your idea about changing the font will help as well.

    • admin says:

      I came across that idea and it really made sense to me. I’ve tried it out and it’s really fun! Dancing is a great way to shift gears…I’ll also go for a walk when I need to clear my head, but dancing is just joyful — thanks for the reminder!

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