Saturday in the Park

I kicked the summer henna season off today at Balboa Park’s Spanish Village.  I’ve been a member of the patio corps for several years, and it’s always a priviledge to spend the day hanging out, meeting other artists and doing henna.

my table at Spanish Village

My table at Spanish Village

an alley in Spanish Village

A row of studios in Spanish Village

front studios

Artist studios in Spanish Village

As the clouds burned off and the sun came out, Ramon Cruz stopped by to add lovely music to the day.

It was a perfect day of color and art and music.


The jacarandas are in full bloom

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2 Responses to Saturday in the Park

  1. Guilhermido says:

    i will be happy to help u jmAkaMcBam .take 1 cup of henna powder, 2 spoon of lemon juice, half spoon of suger, 3 snopos car gas and water if needed. before u make the design in ur hand wash it very good , after that but a little of olive oil on the skin after that do the desigen on it and leted dry.after u wash it but little of olive oil agine to make the design shinner . i hope that will help u sorry my english its not really perfect

    • admin says:

      Car gas is not really a good thing to put on your skin. When I first started doing henna, I got my henna from an Indian couple who ran a gas station. The henna smelled very piney….and gave me blisters where I applied my henna design. They claimed it was traditional to add gas and that it improved the color. Last time I used that henna and the reason I make my own paste. Petrochemicals are not traditional, nor are they safe to use. There’s a lot of unsafe chemicals used in henna in order to make it darker and last longer– ppd in black hair dye is the most common. PPD stains the skin a rich black and lasts for months…b/c it gets absorbed into the living tissue of the skin. Even if you don’t get a rash or blisters from using henna paste made with ppd, the chemical does get into your bloodstream and builds up in your liver. Not a good thing. Fresh henna made with quality ingredients gives an excellent color that lasts if you take care of it. Olive oil is an excellent suggestion.

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