Rah Rah for the Tatas!!

I did henna at a magical event at Fusion Glass Company in La Mesa, CA today.

poster for fundraiser

Fabulous Party for a great cause!

There was music, magic and tons of cupcakes made with real butter!  And all to raise money for breast cancer research.

henna flower in pink

Flower with pink glitter!

Breast cancer research is vital — and has already improved treatment and saved lives.  My grandmother died from breast cancer before she had a chance to meet all of her grandchildren (I was lucky enough to have been born just before she passed on).  But my mother, thanks to improved surgery and chemo technology, is a survivor.  My step-mother was not so lucky.  But several close friends HAVE been lucky — and thanks in large part to advances in detection, surgery and treatment options.

The disease, however, is still there.  And not everyone responds to treatment.  More research is needed — and the government’s contribution is only a drop in the bucket of the money required to fund this vital research.

Please. Do what you can to support breast cancer research.  Donate.  Sponsor someone who’s walking an event.  Walk or run a 5k.  Sell pink cupcakes for the cause.

Just get involved.  Every little bit helps.

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