Kitties inspire

I picked this link out of a post by Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens, a wonderful blog about changing the world by living smaller, simpler, and with more heart. It was tacked onto the end of her latest post almost as an afterthought…but when I checked it out, it made me supremely happy.

Writers and Kitties

It’s a lovely photo album of famous writers and their feline friends.

I have two feline friends who amuse, amaze, and keep me grounded.  Their furry love is a balm on bad days and extra wonderful sparkle on great days.

Java the cat

Miss Java rules her dominion with an iron paw clothed in velvet

Saraha the cat

Sahara manages all the technical details


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  1. when we adopted a litter of three kittens a year and a half later, we ruined her life and she became a real diva.

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