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This winter I found myself in a slump.  It happens.  I started a new job and was overwhelmed with details.  I was taking classes on Dreamweaver and WordPress.  I didn’t have many henna clients.  And slowly I just found that it was harder and harder to make creative things happen.  I wasn’t getting flashes of inspiration.  I’d lost my mojo!

For me, creativity is like an engine whirling inside.  When it’s running smoothly, ideas fly and I am happy and productive.  But when something jams the engine or I’m not getting proper maintenance, my creativity slows down and even stops.

Fortunately, I found an e-course at just the right time.  Take Back Your Creativity by Michelle Nickolaisen.

At last! A practical approach to creating space for and nurturing creativity! The modules are perfectly focused and full of useful information and advice.  I especially appreciated the advice for re-arranging things to maximize creative time; it’s so easy for me to get sidetracked with chores (especially when I’m avoiding something) and this helped me to schedule my time effectively.

The workbook is a fantastic resource and I will use it over and over again to help me keep on top of priorities and to stay focused on projects.

I especially appreciated that everything had multiple formats so I could print stuff out or read it on my Kindle.  I especially enjoyed listening to the interviews while I was driving — so refreshing and inspiring — and then catching the details later in the transcripts.

And after practicing the suggestions and doing the worksheets, I found myself thinking about painting and photography and henna once again.  The conscious act of creating “creative space” where you block out time and make yourself do something — anything — doodle, write an essay, take photos, make dinner with intention — and do something on a regularly scheduled basis really works!  The exercises were simple, but effective, and now I’m back to my creative self!

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Yea!  And I loved the course so much that now I am an affiliate.  Check it out — it might change your life!

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